Your involvement

How much time will this take?

After signing up, you’ll spend about 3h giving us the information, software & permissions we need.

After that, you won’t spend any time on outreach, besides giving us feedback and answering to our questions.

What’s the investment required?

One would usually expect to invest $5,000 - $15,000 to set up a killer cold outreach system that pays for itself (and much much more). Check our pricing here.

How do I know if it will work in my market?

Ken AI is best at helping B2B businesses with high-ticket services or products with an annual contract value of above $5,000. This ensures campaigns with strong ROI for both of us.

To do our job in the best way possible, we’d need some places to find data about your ideal leads. Examples include LinkedIn, websites, active social media profiles, data brokers, etc.

Our Systems

How does it work?

Our systems automatically find perfect leads for your business, qualify them, and find contact details. Then, a custom AI + human system personalizes the emails based on the data we’ve found about them.

After setting up all of the necessary infrastructure to land 10k+ emails per month in your prospects’ primary inbox, we send emails and social media messages.

Our appointment setter replies, answers questions and objections and then sets up meetings with qualified prospects.

Depending on your plan, we build a sales funnel and close those prospects for you.

What results does this get?

This gets 80%+ open rates, 10%+ reply rates, and 1%+ qualified meeting set rates.

More importantly, it does this at scale. It works as well at 100,000 leads per month as at 5,000 leads per month. You can scale infinitely with this system (assuming your market is big enough).

You can see all of our results here.

How does the personalization look like?

You can see 10 random personalization results here.

What tools are you using?

Almost all of our tools are custom coded by our team of developers, which is the reason why we’re able to consistently deliver great results at scale.

In terms of publicly available tools, we use Open AI’s GPT 4 and Google’s Gemini Ultra models for our AI needs, LinkedIn Sales Navigator to study our prospects and send messages.

Cold emailing seems spammy - what are you doing to make sure your emails land in the primary inbox?

Cold emails have a less than desirable reputation. That’s because most of them are horrible.

In this context, great cold emails actually stand out and build a great reputation.

Thanks to our emails being fully personalized, they end up in inbox 99% of the time. Moreover, prospects actually enjoy receiving them, as they feel like you researched & messaged them personally.

We also set up a complex infrastructure (IPs, protocols, warmup, and an annoying amount of “a lot more”) to keep both you and your prospects’ data safe.

Even if we use robots a lot, we treat you and your prospects as humans. Thus, you get a genuine connection and trust with your ideal clients, without the “spammy” status.

Who provides the data & leads when doing outbound cold emails?

You only provide advice & information about your ideal client, and we handle the entire process for you.
We both find leads and as much information about them as possible using custom coded systems for you.

How fast can you start working?

We can start working on your project within 3 days of your onboarding. You’ll get your first meetings in the second week of working together, with social media outreach.

However, we can only start email outreach after 2+ weeks of warming up the emails, so that they land in inbox.
In the first month, you can expect at least 30 meetings.

About Us

Who have you worked with?

Ken Digital owns 3 businesses that use this system - Smart Curs, Ken Group, and Ken AI.
Smart Curs used this to get over 50,000 students in its courses. Ken Group got 10+ high-ticket clients, and Ken AI has used it to generate over $100,000 in sales in less than 3 months.

Our clients include:

  • B2B Fintech SaaS - Lifestyle Plan
  • B2B Fintech Courses - Academy of the Swipe
  • B2B Bank Training - Greg O’Donnel
  • B2C Business Courses - Lamz Productions

You can check all case studies here.

How much does your agency charge and how does it work?

You can check our default pricing here. Usually, the pricing model is personalized for each client’s needs.
Let’s discuss this in a meeting with us here.

Are you compliant with international data privacy laws?

Our process allows us to be compliant with CASL, GDPR and CCPA. We only email business email addresses, place an opt-out link on all communication, do not email people who have opted out previously and always ensure your messaging is relevant with a business/professional reason for the outreach.

Who owns the assets?

What you own:
All email scripts, sales funnels & automation, social media accounts, emails, domains, CRM, and media assets (videos, images, social media posts) we create for you are yours to keep and use indefinitely.

What you license during collaboration:
We grant you a license to use our educational & training materials and the prospect's contact information & data obtained during our collaboration. However, access to this data ends after our engagement ends, and it cannot be shared with anyone else.

What we own:
The custom systems and tools we use to generate leads and manage data are our intellectual property and are not typically shared with clients.

What would my ROI be like from using Ken AI’s services?

The ROI our clients have seen from using our services has been 6x on an annual basis.

The more services we perform for our clients, the better our results are, as we influence more sales points along your client’s journey.

What are the next steps?

If everything sounds good and you’d like to learn more, you can book a meeting with us on this link: